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This radio station is great! Such a wide variety. Check it out!!!

— Cindy

With 50 years' experience in the music business as a musician, club DJ, in broadcasting, in retail & marketing, we've got the credentials to authentically cover a wide time period of music. That's what we do at Alphabet Soup. From 1920 to today, you'll find popular songs playing here of every style and genre. We have no prejudice; we're never political and we're certainly never politically correct. We play what they recorded - and the key is we mix it up. Like radio before everything became specialized. You're exposed to things you wouldn't normally hear in one location.
You can listen for 3 weeks straight without hearing the same song twice. You get exclusive content, mixes, mashups, etc. And it's not just music -  we play no current commercials. Every ad is from the past. Often songs are introduced by comedy from TV, radio and movies. Every song is hand-picked to fairly represent a century's worth of music. It's all here in one place. Full of memories and discovery awaiting your ears. You simply cannot predict what will play next. Let us punch your ticket, now sit back and enjoy the ride!
Use Simple Radio for uninterrupted listening from your phone. The Sam Broadcast link will give you access to song art, song info and play history.

One last thing, please don't push play unless you are prepared to invest a little time here. It's pointless as you will make a judgement based on one song and that isn't worth yours or our time. You need to listen to more than 1 or 2 songs  to get an understanding of what we do here.
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